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Calculates WIP (Work-in-progress) and profit/loss, monitors costs and KPI’s, stores supporting documents, and helps external/internal auditing.

KPIs for individual jobs and global summaries

Contract Managers and Finance Controllers can closely monitor each and every job to recognise contract profit/loss, retention held, WIP, valuation, costs, provisions, margin and other important KPI’s, with graphical illustrations for an easy grasp. A global summary will give a snapshot of where the company is as a whole, in terms of profitability, WIP, year to date value, work yet to do and many other useful KPI’s.

Month End
and Year End

You can run month-end and year-end seamlessly with few clicks.

Auditing Module

you can invite your auditor via the invite link to have full read only access. Avoid spending staff time preparing messy schedules, bulky files and copying supporting documents.

Your auditor can auto generate a sample, or generate a sample based on a set criteria. They can run various reports and tests with a click of a button, examine supporting documents and download as required. They can make observation notes and details of work done in the file to print off and include in their audit files.

Tailor made reports

Contract Managers and Finance Controllers will be able to extract data as they need it. Such as a retention summary of all jobs, a list of jobs underperforming by more than 5% of expected margin, finished jobs, high risk jobs, and jobs which have not had any payment certificate for say past 30 days. A list of cash receipts for a period and other highly customisable management reports supported by graphical illustrations and infographics are available.


Everyone has more than enough emails to deal with in their inboxes. We have designed Wipflow in such a way that all communications, meeting notes and chats will be captured by Wipflow. Its unique communication and chat feature will help users keep on top of their tasks. All meeting notes, chats, requests and documented phone calls will be aligned to each job. Who said what, when, and where can be searched by job id, user name or date. This will help auditors test their audit sample and form an independent opinion.

Wipflow is a standalone
cloud software

We have deliberately kept Wipflow independent of accounting software to maintain a high level of internal control, accuracy and credibility of data.Wipflow has integrated features that will flag up any ‘unusual’ data and will highlight data entry discrepancies.

Giving finance controllers

that what is being reported as revenue, WIP and retention in monthly and yearly financial statements, are factual and supported by evidence, such as payment certificates from third parties. Various templates are also available to help reconcile turnover and profits with nominal ledgers.


allows payment certificates and other source documents to be captured and saved so that the data can be drilled down to the true source. Vital for external auditors, and also gives you the benefits of going paperless. All Wipflow reports can be downloaded as pdf’s and sent to other users.

Bulk upload
download data

using CSV or excel files, such as cost ledger amounts against each job, and download reports to excel/pdf.

Reliable data

Increased data accuracy with our complex algorithms that will detect possible errors or omissions. For example, the total cash received in a particular month should tally to the total cash received schedule total up to that month. These figures are backed up by Payment Certificates and money in the bank. Once month-end and year-end is run, the data will be locked for any amendments giving peace of mind for Auditors and managers.

Can be given to different roles in the company, such as a data entry, contract manager, quantity surveyor, contract director, finance controller, business owner and auditor etc.

Varying levels of  access

Cloud based
and secure

with a low monthly cost, as we believe being able to run your business seamlessly shouldn't be expensive, and of course, your data is encrypted data to the highest possible level currently available and backed by SSP security ensuring that your information is secure.

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